Understanding your assessment

MPAC is responsible for assessing and classifying more than five million properties in Ontario. The property assessments we provide are what municipalities use to base the property taxes needed to pay for community services. The information in this section will help you better understand your property assessment.

After you've reviewed your Property Assessment Notice, you might have questions about the information it contains and what certain things mean. Learn how to read your Notice.

We will be updating the assessed value of every property in Ontario. Learn more about this year’s province-wide Assessment Update.

Property value market trends in Ontario

It's useful to see how your property's value compares to the broader market. Read our property value market trends reports with statistics on residential, commercial and farm property markets across the province.

Learn how to compare your property value to similar properties in your neighbourhood.

Your property value and the property taxes you pay are not the same thing. Learn how they affect each other.

To determine your property's current value, we establish the value that it might sell for on a certain date. Usually, this involves looking at the sale prices for similar properties in the same neighbourhood. Learn how those sales can affect the value of your property.

We conduct a province-wide Assessment Update every four years to update the assessed value of every property in Ontario. Learn more about how we provide you with an additional level of property tax stability and predictability when there are changes in the market.

Learn about the different approaches we take to value and classify properties in Ontario.

As a property owner, you may receive different types of notices from us with information about your property's assessed value and classification. Learn more about the notices you might receive from us.

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