Whistleblowing Program

An ethical workplace is in everyone’s best interest and we all have a responsibility to report wrongdoing.

Our Whistleblowing Program provides MPAC employees, members of the public and other stakeholders with the means to report any observed or suspected fraud or other irregular activity involving our employees.

The program is managed and administered by our Risk Management Branch, which is independent and accountable directly to our Board of Directors.

  • Our Code of Conduct provides employees with a set of standards and guidelines that ensure we maintain the highest degree of integrity and ethical behaviour in our business operations and relationships.
  • Our Fraud and Other Irregularities Policy sets out specific guidelines and responsibilities regarding the prevention, detection and reporting of fraud. It ensures that any reports of fraudulent behaviour are thoroughly investigated and the appropriate action taken.

How to report a concern

Our Fraud and Other Irregularities Hotline is a secure, confidential service available 24/7. If you suspect fraud, waste or other irregularities, report it.

There are three ways to report a concern:

  1. Call the Fraud and Other Irregularities Hotline at 1 844 863-6313.
  2. Complete and submit an online report through the confidential, secure ClearviewConnects.com.
  3. Submit your concern by mail to:
    PO Box 11017
    Toronto ON M1E 1N0.

We keep all reports confidential, secure and anonymous

  • The hotline is operated independently by a third party.
  • All reports and contacts are handled in confidence in accordance with our Fraud and Other Irregularities Policy.
  • You are not required to provide your name or any other personal information when submitting a report of suspected fraud or waste.
  • We have internal documentation in place that protects employees who report any wrongdoing in good faith. 

What is considered fraudulent or irregular?


  • forgery
  • misappropriation of funds
  • falsified expense claims
  • seeking or accepting anything of material value
  • misappropriation of property, equipment, materials, records, or time
  • inappropriate manipulation or destruction of data

Other irregularities, including waste

  • Misuse of hardware or software.
  • Seeking or accepting anything of material value from vendors, consultants or contractors doing business with us.
  • Misuse or over-consumption of resources.
  • Updating data or decision-making on property attributes that are knowingly inconsistent with standards.

Additional resources

We respect your privacy and recognize that anonymity is an intrinsic part of any whistleblowing program. To ensure anonymity, we have retained ClearviewConnects.com, a confidential, secure external service to collect and maintain the information that you provide.

This separation from MPAC ensures that your identity remains anonymous and that the information provided is properly handled and investigated without risk to you. Be assured the information that you provide is also protected and subject to the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Although you are encouraged not to include personal information in your report, if you happen to provide any, it will be collected under the MPAC Act and will be used strictly for purposes of investigating the whistleblowing matter that you are reporting.

Your voice matters. View our Whistleblowing User Guide for more information.