Residential Property Assessments

This page is for residential property owners and includes information on our assessment process. Here you can learn about:

  • Your Property Assessment Notice
  • How your residential property is assessed 
  • Factors affecting your property value 
  • Condos, new homes and waterfront properties and solar panels 
  • Programs to reduce your property taxes 

Reading your residential Property Assessment Notice

As a property owner in Ontario, you'll receive a Property Assessment Notice for your property every four years during a province-wide Assessment Update. Learn how to read your Property Assessment Notice.

How your residential property is assessed

To assess your residential property, we compare the details of your property to similar ones that have sold in your area. This is called the direct comparison approach, and there are up to 200 factors we may consider.

Factors affecting your property value

There are five major factors that generally account for your property's assessed value. Learn more about the five major factors that affect the value of residential properties.

There are other features that may also affect your property's value to a lesser extent. Learn  about residential site features.

More details on how your property is assessed

The property assessment process can be complex. We've provided more details on how residential properties are assessed in the Methodology Guide for Residential Properties, and on our page, How we assess residential properties.

Assessments for specific scenarios

Condominium property assessments

To assess your condominium, we look at land title documents and building permits, and often conduct on-site property inspections or ask you to answer questionnaires about your property. 

Learn more about Condominium property assessments.

Newly built home property assessments

When your home is built, the permits process will prompt an MPAC property inspector to visit and confirm the details. After you move in, you'll receive a Property Assessment Change Notice acknowledging that the house was built, and then every four years you'll receive a Property Assessment Notices with the assessed value on January 1 of the prior year.

Learn more about how your new home was assessed on our Newly built home property assessments page.

Waterfront home property assessments

If your property has direct access to a natural or man-made waterway, or if you're separated from it by a right-of-way, private road or unopened road, you have a waterfront home.

Learn more about how we assess homes like yours on the Waterfront home property assessments page.

Solar panels on residential properties

If you have solar panels on your property, the size and location of your installation may or may not affect your assessed value.

Learn more about the impact of solar panels on your assessed property value.

Programs to reduce your property taxes

Senior and Person with Disabilities Property Tax Exemption

You may be eligible for tax relief if you are a senior or have a disability. Learn more on our page, Applying for a senior and persons with disabilities property tax exemption.