Residential site features

Overview of residential site features

While there are five key factors that influence your assessed property value, there are a number of additional site features may also impact your property value, but to a lesser extent.

Site features, such as those detailed below, describe specific details about the property, such as whether there is a railway or a sports field nearby, or what the area's traffic patterns are.

Site features

Some features of your property could affect its value. These include:

  • abutment and proximity variables
  • access variables
  • condominium attributes
  • driveway and parking
  • hydro services
  • on-site variables
  • sanitary services
  • topography
  • water services
  • waterfront variables

Abutment and proximity variables

"Abutment" means that one property touches another property or site characteristic, while "proximity" means they are near each other. In the illustration below, properties marked "A" are abutting the subject property, while the properties diagonally or directly across marked "P" are in proximity to it.

Properties that abut your property or are in proximity to it will have different effects on the its value. This list includes the following designations:

  • airport
  • cemetery
  • commercial
  • educational institution
  • farm
  • golf course
  • green space or park
  • hydro corridor (voltage lines)
  • industrial operation
  • institutions; hospital, prison, etc.
  • landfill site (garbage dump)
  • marina
  • mass transit (subway or bus stop)
  • multi-residential
  • place of worship (church, mosque, temple, etc.)
  • public dock or boat ramp
  • public walkway
  • railway (active)
  • ravine
  • sports field, playground or fairground
  • super mailbox
  • traffic patterns; light to extremely heavy
  • trailer park, camp or mobile home park
  • transformer station
  • utility box
  • biogas plant (anaerobic digester)

Access variables

  • island
  • no access; landlocked, no road, water or right-of-way
  • private road access only; not publicly maintained
  • right-of-way access only
  • summer or seasonal access only; publicly, but only seasonally maintained
  • water access only
  • year-round road access

Condominium attributes

  • floor level
  • number of extra oversize storage lockers
  • number of extra parking spaces
  • number of extra standard storage lockers

Driveway and parking

  • licensed or on-street parking
  • mutual or shared driveway
  • no parking allowed or available
  • rear laneway
  • separate or private driveway
  • unspecified/not applicable
  • driveway or parking not yet specified

Hydro services

  • none
  • yes; includes solar, water or wind.

On-site variables

  • catch basin
  • corner
  • cul-de-sac, court or dead end
  • easement on property 
  • gravel road
  • predominant view is a lake
  • predominant view is obstructed
  • predominant view is panoramic
  • problem access

Sanitary services

  • holding tank
  • municipal
  • none
  • septic bed
  • unspecified service


Predominantly steep slope

  • Slope is between 30 feet to 44 feet per 100 feet of horizontal distance.
  • May require a stairway to navigate.


  • Slope equal to or greater than 45 feet per 100 feet of horizontal distance.
  • Stairway or equivalent is essential.

Low and wet

  • Below grade level and subject to water conditions.
  • Landfill required to bring up to building standards.

Water services

  • lake or river
  • municipal
  • none available
  • private well
  • shared well
  • unspecified service

Waterfront variables

  • beach
  • deeded access to community beach or park
  • indirect waterfront with no ownership
  • indirect waterfront with ownership
  • indirect waterfront with right-of-way access
  • permanent docking
  • predominant exposure; east, north, south, west
  • predominant shoreline quality
  • retaining wall or gabion cages
  • road divides lot behind structure
  • second tier, year-round residence
  • shoreline erosion
  • single-owner island
  • subdivided island
  • waterfront with channel or canal
  • waterfront with lake
  • waterfront with river or other natural watercourse
  • waterfront with swamp or marsh
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