Hospitality Property Assessments

For valuation purposes, hospitality properties include: golf courses, hotels, long-term care homes, motels and retirement homes. Hospitality properties are primarily valued using the income approach, which assigns value based on a property’s potential to generate revenue.

How hospitality properties are assessed

We use the income approach for most hospitality properties, based on your property’s potential to generate revenue. To do this, we:

  1. Start by estimating the property's gross revenue potential.
  2. Subtract operating expenses.
  3. Apply a capitalization rate or gross income multiplier to the net operating income.

Specific types of hospitality properties

Golf courses

There are different types of golf course ownership and operations structures, with different kinds of services.

Learn about how we assess golf courses.


There are many different types of hotels in Ontario - from small budget hotels to luxury resorts - with a wide range of offerings. 

Learn about how we assess hotels.

Long-term care homes

Long-term care homes can include nursing homes, senior care centres and some retirement homes.

Learn how we assess long-term care homes.


Like hotels, motel properties vary considerably. They may provide short or long-term lodging.

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Retirement homes

Learn how we assess the value of retirement homes.

Filing your Property Income and Expense Return

By filing your Property Income and Expense Return, you help us ensure that your property values are based on up-to-date and accurate information. 

Learn more about filing your Property Income and Expense Return.