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We provide a range of information and resources for Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and other stakeholders.

How your property is assessed

We determine the assessed value of each property based on several variables, and we use different approaches to value properties depending on the property type. Click on the links below to learn more: 

Assessment Matters newsletter

Assessment Matters delivers important email updates to the provincial sector.

Content and visuals for social media

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Toolkit-self-storage (zip, 827kb)
Toolkit-2023-RollReturn (zip, 688kb)

Property assessment and taxation toolkit

To better help property owners understand the relationship between property assessment and taxes, as well as the key roles different levels of government play, MPAC has developed a toolkit. These resources include information and tools designed to help you educate property owners and answer any questions they might have.
Screenshot Captures of the Taxation Video from MPAC

View the toolkit here.

Residential Property Insights social toolkit

Ontario’s residential property landscape has continued to evolve over the last decade – communities with homes under $500,000 are becoming increasingly scarce. According to data released by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), the type of homes with a value less than $750,000 and where they can be found has also shifted.

As of December 2023, the median home value in Ontario was $765,000, with the median value in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) at $1,031,000. The median value represents the mid-point of the range, meaning half of properties have a value above, and half have a value below. 

With year-over-year price increases driving buyers to look at communities farther outside the GTHA, you can read the full news release to learn more. You can also view our housing inventory map to see where your municipality stands.

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Residential Property Insights social toolkit

Home Values Matter toolkit

For many of your constituents, their property is their single biggest asset, and its value can have a significant impact on their lives. We recently launched an awareness campaign, which aims to help homeowners and prospective homeowners understand MPAC’s role in the property market space. To help your constituents, we’ve curated content you can share on your website, in newsletters, and across social media channels. We encourage you to leverage this information, share your feedback and let us know how else we can support you!

Home Values Matter graphic 

View the toolkit here.

AboutMyProperty™ toolkit

AboutMyProperty is our online self-service tool for property owners in Ontario. If you own a property in Ontario, you can use this service to learn how your property was assessed and compare your property to others in your neighbourhood.

To help property owners understand the benefits of AboutMyProperty, we’ve created content that features links to our social posts for easy reshares across your channels. We’ve also included new content and graphics that you can use in newsletters, on your website, and a ready-to-print buck slip.


View the toolkit here.

First-time Homeowners’ Hub toolkit

To help new homeowners navigate property assessment, our First-time Homeowners’ Hub provides answers to some common questions we receive. To help you share this resource across your communities, explore our toolkit, which includes links to our social posts you can reshare across your channels, content to use in newsletters and on your website, and a ready-to-print buck slip for your mailings.

First-time Homeowners Hub

View the toolkit here.

School support designation toolkit

To help our partners share information about how property owners and tenants in Ontario can view and update their school support designation online, MPAC has developed a toolkit that includes content for newsletters or websites and for social media.

School Support Designation Toolkit

View the toolkit here.
Download the image for social media.

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