MPAC mails more than 875,000 notices, nearly half of which reflect changes in ownership across the province

Today the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) will begin mailing over 875,000 Property Assessment Notices to property owners across Ontario. If you recently moved, changed your school support or made changes to your property, your notice is on its way. In fact, we processed more than 421,000 changes in ownership and 212,000 changes in value on properties.

“Our work never stops to collect and validate property data to support accurate property assessments, market insights and analysis,” said Nicole McNeill, President & Chief Administrative Officer. “Even during the pandemic, it was an active year in Ontario real estate markets as new properties were constructed, families moved, and properties were improved. The cumulative effective of these changes was an improvement value of over $37 billion dollars.  To accomplish all of this during the pandemic we implemented new safety protocols to keep us all safe while completing property inspections to capture the updates reflected on the notices in the mail today.”

In March, the Ontario government postponed MPAC’s province-wide Assessment Update that was scheduled for this year. As a result, property assessments for the 2021 property tax year will continue to be based on the fully phased-in January 1, 2016 assessed values.

Property owners will receive a Notice from MPAC if there has been a:

  • change to property ownership, legal description, or school support;
  • change to the property’s value resulting from a Request for Reconsideration, an Assessment Review Board decision, or ongoing property reviews;
  • property value increase/decrease reflecting a change to the property; for example, a new structure, addition, or removal of an old structure; or
  • change in the classification or tax liability of the property.

“We encourage property owners to visit and log in to AboutMyProperty to learn more about how their property was assessed, see the information we have on file and compare it to others in their neighbourhood,” said Carmelo Lipsi, Vice President of Valuation & Customer Relations and Chief Operating Officer. “If a property owner is concerned with their property’s assessment, they can file a Request for Reconsideration (RfR) online through AboutMyProperty and we will review it free of charge. Remember the value on your notice reflects the value that your property would have sold for on January 1, 2016.”

Property owners can visit and register for AboutMyProperty using their Roll Number and Access Key found on their Property Assessment Notice. The deadline to file an RfR for the 2021 property tax year is printed on each Notice.

More information on the 2020 Property Assessment Notices is available at

Quick Facts

  • In 2016, every property owner in Ontario received a Property Assessment Notice as the result of a province-wide Assessment Update, reflecting a January 1, 2016 valuation date. 
  • MPAC was scheduled to complete a province-wide Assessment Update in 2020, reflecting a valuation date of January 1, 2019. 
  • The Ontario government postponed the Assessment Update due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Property assessments for the 2021 property tax year will continue to be based on the fully phased-in January 1, 2016 assessed values. 
  • Breakdown of changes triggering a Property Assessment Notice:*
    • Ownership change – 421,626
    • School support – 294,142
    • Mailing address – 306,384
    • Property value – 212,568
    • Tax apportionment – 182,220

*Properties may have more than one change triggering a Property Assessment Notice

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