Residential methodology guide

MPAC’s residential methodology guide gives you details about how we value and classify residential properties in Ontario.

Purpose of the residential methodology guide

This guide gives you in-depth information on our residential valuation process.

Who this is for

This methodology guide was prepared by MPAC for:

  • property owners and their representatives
  • municipalities and their representatives
  • Assessment Review Board members
  • provincial officials
  • MPAC assessors
  • the general public

What's inside

This guide outlines the valuation process followed by our assessors, including steps that require appraisal judgment. The content includes in-depth information about:

  • the types of residential properties
  • legislation
  • consultation and disclosure
  • classifications
  • data collection
  • sales validation
  • market analytics
  • values testing and valuation determination

Read MPAC's Methodology Guide: Valuing Residential Properties in Ontario.