MPAC welcomes newly elected council members

MPAC would like to congratulate all candidates recently elected to municipal councils across Ontario. Our Municipal and Stakeholder Relations team is eager to work alongside newly elected officials while continuing to build upon existing relationships with successful incumbents. 

To help us better serve municipal partners, we’re reaching out to municipalities to offer new council orientation sessions. The sessions are an opportunity to learn about MPAC’s role in the property assessment and taxation process, explore the relationships between property assessment and taxes, and hear about MPAC’s services.

On November 8, our Municipal and Stakeholder Relations group had the opportunity to meet with Alfred-Plantagenet’s new council to share our introductory “MPAC 101” presentation.

“It is important for us to be out helping municipalities understand the work that MPAC does and the roles we both play in the property assessment and taxation process,” says Tracy McIntyre, Regional Manager with Municipal and Stakeholder Relations. “In-person orientation sessions are an excellent opportunity to have genuine conversations and hear about community concerns.”.

The municipality agrees. “It was great to have our MPAC representative out to meet with our staff and new council to help them understand the valued relationship between our municipality and MPAC, and how we work together daily to ensure that property tax and assessment work together," says Annie Rochefort, Clerk for the Township of Alfred-Plantagenet.

If you would like to host an “MPAC 101” council orientation session in your municipality, please contact your local Account Manager. We look forward to working with the elected officials in your community.