MPAC’s School Support Modernization Project

With changes to the legislation governing the collection of school support information from Ontarians, and MPAC’s plan to ensure compliance with the legislation, we are seeking to implement solutions to improve the accuracy of the school support lists. As part of the plan, MPAC has launched an initiative to modernize our school support data collection process that will improve the efficiency and accuracy of the annual school support lists. 

As valued stakeholders and day-to-day partners in the process, we invited interested school boards and associations to take part in our engagement. Roughly 40 attendees were present, representing a good cross-section of school board stakeholders for our first meeting in February 2022.

The meeting served as an introduction to MPAC’s modernization initiative, as well as a discussion of the current process, and what we’re doing to help modernize the data collection process.

During the meeting, there was a great discussion around the need to modernize the existing paper-based process to an electronic one, and that it would be welcomed by school boards. The feedback provided was that an electronic school support data collection process would not only assist with the efficiency of data capture, but it would also help with ensuring the accuracy of all completed Application for the Direction of School Support (ADSS) forms.  

As we move forward with the development of an electronic school support data platform, MPAC will continue to seek feedback from school boards throughout the process.

“This project is a great example of MPAC’s commitment to look for innovative solutions that support efficient service delivery and provide further value to our stakeholders and partners,” stated Carm Lipsi, MPAC’s Vice President of Municipal and Stakeholder Relations and COO. “This new platform will not only make the process easier for residents and school boards but will also help ensure we are providing an accurate and efficient service.”