E-permitting pilot project moves forward

As announced in January, MPAC is currently working in partnership with AMO’s business arm, LAS, on an e-permitting pilot project to demonstrate the value of digital permitting for Ontario municipalities. CloudPermit, the selected provider will be used across 19 municipalities as part of the pilot.

“We know there is a need to enhance and modernize the existing system in which building permits are issued and collected,” mentioned Mary Dawson-Cole, Director, Municipal and Stakeholder Relations, MPAC. “As the only organization in Ontario with a view to all permits, MPAC plays an important part in this space and so we’re grateful to be providing support to this important project.”

The project team is set to meet in July to discuss service implementation and best practices. The outcome of this pilot will be a best practices document to support further implementation of e-permitting across Ontario.

Learn more about the e-permitting pilot project.

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