Making changes and updates

When you receive your Property Assessment Notice or any other notices from MPAC, you may wish to make changes or updates to the information we have. You'll find information on this page on how to make these changes.

How to request a copy of your notice

There are a number of different types of notices you may receive from us, depending on your property type and circumstances. Learn about the different types and how to get a copy if you have received one but are unable to find it, or if you simply want a PDF for your records.

Learn how to change your mailing address for MPAC notices.

If you disagree with your assessed value, you can file a Request for Reconsideration (RfR) and/or in some cases, appeal directly to the Assessment Review Board (ARB). Learn more about the RfR and appeal processes.

How to change your school support on your assessment

All property owners in Ontario contribute to their municipality's school board, even if they do not have children. By default, your taxes support your local English public school board. You may be able to re-direct those taxes to a different local board if you prefer, such as a French and/or Roman Catholic board.

How to authorize a representative

As a property owner, your information is confidential, however you have the option of authorizing someone to speak to us on your behalf.

Merging properties

From time to time, properties may undergo severances, mergers of title or consolidation of parcels. Learn more about the how they are processed.

If you own a property that houses a person with a disability or a senior 65 or older, you may be eligible for a tax exemption for the relevant portion.

Qualifying for farm tax programs

Your farm property may qualify for tax relief, including tax reductions to 25% or less of the municipal residential or commercial and industrial tax rates. Find out if your farm property is eligible and how to apply for tax relief programs.

How to apply for a vacancy rebate

Some municipalities offer vacancy rebates to owners of eligible vacant properties. Find out if your property is eligible and how to apply.

Filing for a property tax adjustment with your municipality

In some rare instances, you may be eligible to apply to get your property taxes reduced/adjusted with your municipality. While your municipality is responsible for making that decision, MPAC may inspect your property to act as a witness in review hearings. Learn more about the criteria for applying for a tax adjustment and the process involved.