Fact Sheet - 2018 Assessment Roll Return

  • MPAC delivers an assessment roll annually to municipalities and the Province of Ontario to support the calculation of property and education taxes.
  • While 2018 is not a province-wide Assessment Update year, MPAC continues to review properties and update property information on a regular basis in order to return an accurate assessment roll each year.
  • In November, MPAC mailed more than 800,000 Property Assessments Notices to property owners reflecting changes in assessment that have taken place over the last year.

2018 Assessment Roll

  • Total number of properties on the Assessment Roll: 5,293,723
  • Total Current Value Assessment: $2.78 trillion

New Assessment

  • In 2018, MPAC captured $38.4 billion in new assessment
  • New assessment refers to new construction and/or additions to existing property that have not been assessed by MPAC

38.4 billion new assessment captured in 2018

Assessment summary by property type:

Property Type

Number of Properties

Total Value



$2 trillion



$126.2 billion



$303.75 billion



$109.6 billion



$135.64 billion



$107.85 billion

Breakdown of changes triggering a Property Assessment Notice:*

  • Ownership change - 378,631
  • School support - 280,906
  • Mailing address - 245,147
  • Property value - 183,643
  • Tax apportionment - 165,734

*Properties may have more than one change triggering a Property Assessment Notice.

Requests for Reconsideration:

  • If a property owner is concerned with their property’s assessment, MPAC will review it free of charge through a Request for Reconsideration (RfR)
  • From January 1 to October 31, 2018, MPAC completed a total of 27,917 RfRs. This reflects:
    • 20,843 residential
    • 1,508 farm
    • 4,780 business properties, and
    • and 786 of all other property types
  • The total number of RfRs represents 0.5% of Ontario’s more than 5 million properties

Media Contacts:  

Paula Chung, paula.chung@mpac.ca

Cathy Ranieri-Sweenie, cathy.ranieri-sweenie@mpac.ca

Customer Enquiries, www.aboutmyproperty.ca, 1 866 296-6722, TTY 1 877 889-6722

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