Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the Corporation’s financial statements and financial reporting processes. The committee also oversees:

  • The effectiveness of management’s internal control framework and information systems.
  • Performance of internal and external auditors.
  • Management’s assessment and stewardship of enterprise risks.
  • Critical legal and litigation activity facing the organization.

Committee Chair: David P. Setterington
Members: Lesley Gallinger, Ken Hughes, Dan Mathieson (Board Chair), Rob Rossini, Walter Sendzik

Governance and Human Resources Committee

The purpose of the Governance and Human Resources Committee is to assist with Board oversight of governance issues affecting the Corporation to ensure that appropriate governance processes, Board and Committee structures and information necessary for effective direction and oversight are in place. 

Interim Committee Chair: Don Redmond
Members: Janice Baker, Roozbeh Farhadi, Bev Hodgson, Dan Mathieson (Board Chair), Walter Sendzik, David P. Setterington

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee oversees MPAC’s operations from a quality standpoint, to promote a quality culture in the organization. The committee advises the Board of Directors of any concerns or issues related to MPAC’s core business of assessment, quality related risks and internal controls.

Committee Chair: Bev Hodgson
Members: Janice Baker, Lesley Gallinger, Dan Mathieson (Board Chair), David P. Setterington

The Chair and the Vice-Chair may (but are not required to) serve on each of the Committees. 

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